Parent Resource: Let's Talk Teens

Promoting Healthy Relationships & Preventing Exploitation
For Parents/Caregivers of Teens & Young Adults

Being the parent of a teen is a challenging experience, especially in today's high tech world.

Let's Talk Teens navigates parents through tough issues facing teens and provides specific strategies for keeping them safe. This 20-page guide provides home reinforcement of the Teen Lures TV Newscast/corresponding Classroom Lessons and helps ensure personal safety conversations are happening at home. Parents learn how to help teens understand what healthy and respectful relationships look like and how to set personal boundaries.

Let's Talk Teens parent handbook includes:
- Developing and maintaining healthy relationships
- Setting personal boundaries

  • Teen Lures, Disclosing & Reporting Crimes; Authority Lure
  • Dating Violence, Date Rape, Drugs & Alcohol; Affection Lure
  • Stewardship, Instincts, Asking for Assistance; Assistance Lure
  • Cell Phones, Sexting, Exploitation; Ego-Fame Lure
  • Cyber Solicitations, Risk-Takers, Extreme Social Networking; E-Lure
  • Social Networking & Privacy, Over-sharing Online; Name Lure
  • Electronic Aggression, Teens & Internet Pornography; Games Lure
  • School Violence, Teen Suicide Prevention; Emergency Lure
  • Preventing Lures and Cons
  • Help Hotlines and Links
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